unity 8.0 pf / 2 inch wideband pods

180 watt @ 500 hz / 200 hz - 33khz

unity 8.0 pf /  2 inch wideband pods
unity 8.0 pf /  2 inch wideband pods
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The Unity8.0PF 2” Pod mount aluminum cone driver function as a mid-range and tweeter in one component that
covers up to 8 octave range. Having no crossover in between what would normally be two independent drivers,
the single Unity8.0PF Pod driver can enable the transition across the covered 250Hz-33,000Hz frequency ranges
to be nearly seamless.

Imagine the open lifelike sound clarity without coils, capacitors, resistors, interfering with the musical signal.
Breathtaking clarity from CDT Audio. Clarity, definition and transparency for You.

Experience the amazing stunning lifelike sound like sitting on the first row in a live concert.

Unity8.0P 2” Aluminum Pod driver at high power covers a full frequency range from 250Hz-33,000Hz.

Unity8.0PF 2" driver
w/ PodHP 250Hz high-pass xover

Technical specs and contents
Unity8.0PF  2” Pod cast driver
Cone diaphragm: Aluminum
Dust cap: Aluminum
Surround: Rubber
Basket: Die cast
Magnet: Ring Neodymium
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity:84.9 dB
Frequency response:200Hz-33kHz
Resonant frequency: 200Hz
Voice coil: 20.4mm Cooper