DD SL610d4 shallow subwoofer

2x 4 ohm / 600wrms / fs.29

DD SL610d4 shallow subwoofer
DD SL610d4 shallow subwoofer
DD SL610d4 shallow subwoofer
DD SL610d4 shallow subwoofer
Euro 249.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw

10″ (25cm) subwoofer with EROM surround.
High temperature 2.5″ voice coil
Double layer spider system
Three-layer flat diaphragm body
72oz magnet
Coil gap ventilation at rear plate
DD cast aluminum frame
Speaker size (In): 10
Watts RMS: 300 - 600
Watt peak power: 1200
Impedance: D4
Voice coil (inch): 2.5

Fs (Hz): 29
Qms: 6.878
Qes: 0.393
Qts: 0.372
Vas: 26.769
Xmech (MM): 40
Xmax (MM): 14.5

Frame outer diameter (cm): 26.92
Frame outer diameter with gasket (cm): 27.4
Mounting diameter (cm): 23.5
Mounting depth (cm): 10.1
Motor diameter (cm): 16,51
motor depth (cm): 3.81
woofer displacement : 0.84 litre
Shipping weight : 7 kg
Enclosure recommendations:

Closed cabinet : 14-28 litres
Bass reflex cabinet : 14-35 litres.

The SL600 series subwoofers, which include the DD Audio HI-DEF SL610 10″ (25cm) flat subwoofer, feature a very shallow mounting depth, and the suspensions have been tuned to perform exceptionally well in sealed and small bass-reflex enclosures. To ensure high power handling, good cooling and large excursion, the SL600 subwoofers feature 2.5-inch high-temperature voice coils, 72-ounce magnets, rear panel coil venting and an EROM surround. One of the unique features of the SL600 is the three-layer, low-profile diaphragm cone. By compressing a layer of foam between two layers of cellulose, the cone is as light and stiff as a standard cone, yet shallow enough to allow a suspension travel equivalent to that of a full-sized subwoofer.