RX8m kickwoofers

150wrms / 2ohm 35hz-12khz

RX8m kickwoofers
RX8m kickwoofers
Euro 120.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
1.2" VC / RDC 2Ohm @ FS 40Hz
20cm DIN, 150 RMS / 400 Watt @ 95dB 1W/m
35 Hz - 12.000 Hz Frequency Response
88mm Mounting Depth @ 186mm Install Cutt Out Dia.

* 1.2" / 30.5 mm Copper VC @ top vented Kapton Former
* 60 Oz Motor Structure w. high grade Y35 Ferrite Magnet
* Dual Layer natural vital Wool Cone with Glasfibre stripe reinforcments and ADC Coating
* HDR (High Density & High Roll ) Rubytec Surrounds
* Phase Plugged Excursion Dustcap Design
* Pole Piece and bottom vented Excursion Steel Basket
* Selective high extension handcrafted NOMEX Spider
* PX-LPF Plug Crossover w. 14GA tinned OFC speaker cable.

Fs:        40Hz
SD:       216,8 sqCM
Vas:      38,55 Ltr
Cms:     590 µM/N
Mms:    18,5 g
Bl™:     5.64
Qms:    2.55
Qes:     0.35
Qts:      0.3

There was a long research to final all our Performance Series engineering affords of the past with a not than less than a real High End 6.5“ Midbass in order to lead and represent the EXCURSION brand together with our PX-1S Tweeter and PX-3M or PX-4M Midrange into the next chapters of future and ahead of the called „Rest“.
But when we were done with that, we realized that we were overly motivated for some of our loyal customers with our "German engineering" and the PX Top series. The step up from the SHX to the PX series is already a house number too big for a simple improvement of existing EXCURSION systems and some of our customers. It must be said that this dilemma gave rise to the idea of another series between SHX and PX. From the genes of both parents, it should become the REFERENCE in the brand architecture of EXCURSION in the future and supplement this with the abbreviation RX of the SXR subwoofer series.

With RX or REFERENCE, we were now able to design an engineering from top to bottom for the first time. Question the luxury factors of the PERFORMANCE series with the spirit of a housewife and set the table with the simplest possible recipe, but extremely tasty. The RX formula then turned out to be even easier than expected and can be summed up as PX minus 3 building blocks but and only from the mid-bass speaker. With a super-expensive PX high-technology cone made of carbon/PMI/glass fiber, the idea of replacing it with our very light and vital wool fiber membrane from the SHX series was absolutely obvious and was already more than halfway to the goal. The double resonance-reducing hammer finish of the basket was the next logical consequence and the rest of the finish line with a total savings potential of around 45% was achieved with the chrome of the motor parts. You could also reduce the difference to just the transformer, which the cone will always be, and see the exciting result as the SUPER SHX SERIES. This with SUPER more motor power, SUPER high-quality centering, SUPER better passive components, 14GA tinned OFC wiring and 2Ohm Technology.  

Since we are now really enthusiastic about this solution and the RX Formula, the question arose as to what would happen if we made the whole thing one step bigger, in particular the demand for 8"/20cm woofers and especially with even more power is increasing. The first hurdle here was that the basket with our EXCURSION 1:1 specifications in 8" doesn't exist and we didn't want to make a compromise like we did with the SHX-8M. Which means we had to build and design suitable tools for the production of an exclusive 8" EXCURSION basket. Also, we didn't want to take over only the engine of the 6.5" like with the SHX-8M, but think more sophisticated, independent and even bigger with the RX-8M and that's how it became First of all, the coil diameter was adjusted relative to the larger membrane diameter of an 8"/20cm, which means an adjust from 1"/25.9mm to 1.2"/30.5mm bigger diameter, which of course reflect in a higher power handling. A lot more Power was requested and not just because we expect a lot more Output from the doors from an 8" size and so in the end result we can talk about a doubling of performance compared to the 6.5" because the motor diameter has grown from 80mm to a proud 110mm. If you can ask yourself the right questions impressive products can get created... the RX-8M is definitely one of them.

- 2 pc RX-8M
- 2 pc PX-LPF
- 2 pc PX-WFA (80cm 14GA tinned OFC cable)
- Owner Manual