2,5m rca 2ch

FOUR Connect STAGE 5 2,5m RCA cable, pair pack

2,5m rca 2ch
2,5m rca 2ch
2,5m rca 2ch
2,5m rca 2ch
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FOUR Connect STAGE5 RCA-cables are carefully designed to get best possible results with best possible materials.
These cables have thicker than usual conductors that are made of tinned OFC ( T-OFC ).
Cross section of conductor is 0,4mm2, which is a real overkill to RCA-cable.
Quad shielded Twisted Pair structure eliminates unwanted noise.
Conductors are covered with dual foil to prevent inductive noises.
Conductors are isolated with two layers of materials that are used in high voltage cables.
This structure gives unbeliavable good noise supression that is especially important in car environment.
Connector housings are made of HDPE-plastic that has high insulation factor.
The connectors have a rotatable locking mechanism
to ensure the best contact in every situation.

- 2 X 0.40 mm2 (35 x 0.12mm )
- H.D.P.E core wire jacket
- Air floating core wire structure
- OFC wires braiding shielding
- Extra soft touch polyvinyl chloride SE-jacket
- Outer diameter: 8.5mm.