Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer

450 watt rms / dubbel 4 ohm

Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Summo 84 xl 20 cm subwoofer
Euro 179.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
In the ancient Japanese sport of SUMO the rules are simple. When the Gyoji waves his fan; push the other guy out of a big circle. Massive Audio created the “SUMMO” line of subwoofers with the same goal in mind. Summo Series subwoofers play so low and with such a deep center of force that the competition cannot help but to bow out gracefully.
Models include the Summo 15”, 12” and 10” all rated at 3000 watts. Then there is the 600 watt 8” right on down to the crowd pleasing 300 watt 6” subwoofer. Let there be no doubt that with Massive Audio you will be the “King of the Ring.”
  • Die Cast Basket with Black Textured Finish
  • Kevlar Fiber Enhanced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Textured Paint Finish
  • EROM Foam Surround with Red Stitching
  • 2.0" 4-Layer Hi-Temp Voice Coil 
  • Fiberglass Woven Dust Cap
  • Double Stacked 90oz High Energy Magnets 
  • Enhanced Cooling T-yoke Design with Black Anodized Finish
  • Customized Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot
  • 16 Gauge Power Cable with Direct Lead Connection 
  • Triple Black Poly Cotton Spiders with Mirror Image Layout
Peak Watts
RMS Watts
Non-Pressed Paper
Voice Coil
2" Dual 4 Ohm
EROM Foam with Red Stitching
90oz Double Stacked
Heavy Duty Direct Input Wires Connection
Die Cast
Tinsel Leads
Heavy Duty Triple
X-Max (2-Way)
Ported Box
9"H x 12"D x 12"W
Sealed Box
0.75 ft3