Soundigital evo 4 sd8000.1

8000 watt @ 1 ohm

Soundigital evo 4 sd8000.1
Soundigital evo 4 sd8000.1
Soundigital evo 4 sd8000.1
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The 8000.1 EVO 4.0 is a compact, modern amplifier that delivers 8000W RMS of power over 1 channel.
The amplifier features exclusive and patented technologies that make the sound experience cleaner and more faithful,
in addition to ensuring better performance and efficiency for the most daring projects.

Compatible with SD-RLC Remote level control.

12,6V: @ 2Ω: 1 x 8000 W RMS
12,6V: @ 4Ω: 1 x 5280 W RMS
14,4V: @ 2Ω: 1 x 8920 W RMS
14,4V: @ 4Ω: 1 x 5887 W RMS

HPF: 5Hz - 80Hz
LPF: 50Hz - 20Khz

L: 35,4cm
W: 22,5cm
H: 7,1cm

(-3dB): 5Hz-20Khz
THD: 0,08%