vulcan 8000

8000 watt rms 1 ohm PROMO PRIJS

vulcan 8000
vulcan 8000
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The Stetsom VULCAN 8000-1OHM is a 1-channel amplifier full range amplifier, which is optimized for use at one ohm.

This is the difference between the 4 amplifier series of Stetsom:

The Stetsom HL amplifiers are extremely powerful full-range amplifiers, optimized for use at midrange and treble.
The Stetsom DB series includes amplifiers which have been designed exclusively for the bass range.
The Stetsom EX line is a full range amplifier series and can be used for bass as well as for front systems up to high frequencies.
The Stetsom Vulcan amplifier series can be used for bass all the way to midrange!

The Vulcan Stetsom Amplifier Module It is perfect for those who want a system with high
performance and technology without sacrificing sound quality and practicality of use.

1-channel amplifier optimized for connection with 1 ohm!
RMS power at 1 Ohm 12.6V : 8000W
RMS power at 2 ohms 12.6V : 4400W
RMS power at 1 Ohm 14,4V : 8600W
RMS power at 2 ohms 14.4V : 5100W
Supply voltage : 9V ~ 16V
Frequency range : 10Hz ~ 12KHz
Crossover low pass : 90Hz ~ 12KHz
Crossover high pass : 10Hz ~ 90Hz
Signal to noise ratio : >90dB
Input sensitivity : 220mV
Input impedance : 14K Ohm
Impedance output : 1 OHM
Consumption with music signal : 370A
Consumption with bass signal : 740A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm : 78 x 231,5 x 423
Weight Kg : 5,8